A Safe Gun Is Not in A gun Safe

  Most of the Time, It is under the direct control of a competant, properly educated citizen who is unwilling to delegate the responsibility for personal protection. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that police officers have no legal obligation to protect the public, and that an officer's only duty is to enforce the law.

  Most cops rightly take responsibility for the protection of thee and me.

  But it isn't their duty, and they can be ordered to act otherwise.

  Which is why it is a wise precaution to have a weapon, and know it's proper use to protect one's valuable ass.

  The Second Amendment to our Constitution gives us this right as an absolute, and forbids Infringement.

  And don't let any sob-sister shithead tell yez different.

  As for the situation in Canada: You are absolutely forbidden to defend yourself with anything more dangerous than a Folksong, which must have a certain amount of Canadian Content, or you will have to pay a special tax, which will be added to the phone bill of whoever made the 911 call, unless the coyotes have already gobbled him or her up.






Damaged BDH3 Gun Safety

   Time far another update; I'll try to be a bit more civil, but that is very difficult now.

  I have been trying to choose which area of this site to use for this diatribe, and sadly, "gun safety" seems the most apposite. If you weren't a little odd, and a little worried about the health of the North American bodies politic, you wouldn't be reading this stuff anyway. I am further assuming that you understand that the U.S.A and Canada have effectively been one political unit since Ottowa* reduced the Canadian military to a token force (equipped with sucker-priced hardware that belongs in a museum or junkyard), and that any voters who object are haughtily ignored.

  Please also note that the "free press" of Canada is content to be yet another politically correct buttboy.

  I have just returned from a fortnight's holiday in the bizzarre State of Florida, where I had the facinating experience of trading observations with some folks who would not hesitate to call themselves rednecks. and who furthermore work hard for their livings, and are contemptuous of those who will not.

  These wights were the genuine article: Armed American Voters. If you don't think that they have very similar Canadian equivalents, you probably think that politicians are honest and try to do what is best for the electorate, even when it is to their own personal disatvantage.

  My conclusion is that our swarms of political swine have a maximum of about six months to avoid an armed rebellion.

  PLEASE: Rememember the unspoken agenda of the Second Amendment.

  I must stress that I am NOT "Advocating the Overthrow of the Government By Force", as prohibited by the Constitution. I am merely making my best attempt at expressing a correct opinion.

 Quote for the day, thanks to the shade of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson:

" I would never advocate the use of sex, drugs, and violence, but they have always worked for me"


  Thank You.

* Or London. I have seen dates for the cited travesty ranging from 1815 to 1915. U-Pick.


 The little beauty in the photo (the stainless steel one made by Smith&Wesson, not the one with the green teeth)is a Model 610, K-Frame revolver with a 6.5 inch barrel. It is not a frivilous device, as it's MSRP is $1034. (I was forced by the recession to barter several highly obscene primitive tribal fetishes, and a potent-but-unregulated glandular derivitave, for mine) Endearingly, it will stop any evildoer whatsoever with one properly administered round. It uses the 10mm Auto cartridge, six of which are snapped into a "full moon" (look closely at Dwightie's left hand) clip, which is loaded and ejected as a unit. Even those of us who did not shine at athletics can reload in about 5 seconds. This is lots of fun, but not needed unless one has been really stupid, or had seriously bad luck. This seems to be happening to more of us, more often, these days. And the Black Helicopters..

  Update Mar.25: This weapon has a truly catholic appetite. It thrives on a diet of almost any reasonably appropriate propellant, with a preference for 180-grain bullets. It seems to fall somewhere between the .357 mag and the .44 mag in the brute force department, and somehow punishes my arthritic-old-coot wrists less than either. Life is good: you can't buy ammo or reloading supplies at anything but forthrightly extortionate prices just now, except the checkered career of the Norma 10mm has somewhat spared it from the gougers' market. One can assemble rounds with swaged-lubed swc's for eight cents a round. Semi-jacketed hollowpoints triple that. But you won't ever really need too many of those, will you?